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Date: 3rd August 2017
The Pros and Cons of Buying an ERP Email List



ERP software companies can utilize ERP users list for email marketing. A lot of businesses these days purchase email lists from ERP vendors thinking that this will help them to boost their business. Often, they do not get the required results.

Still, we find lots of ERP companies utilizing its power to promote their business. So, why are they using ERP users list for promotion? Here we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying ERP user list.

Why Companies Opt-Out from Buying ERP Email List?

Maintain Brand Reputation

ERP software companies work hard to maintain their brand reputation. You need to treat your customers well by offering value and developing trust in them. You should understand what kind of emails will interest each and every customer. By sending emails to the lists, provided by an email list provider, you might be sending irrelevant mails to customers who have already shown interest in your business. This causes customer to re-think before trusting you and in turn hurt your brand value.

Unreliable Email IDs

It is found that most of the people have more than one email address. Out of them, one or two may be used for official and personal works, others, they check very rarely. They use such email addresses to fill out online forms or enter it in events, as they know that these email IDs will be provided to third party for bids. While buying ERP users list, chances are there that you get a list of emails that are even though genuine still very rarely used by the prospects.

Limitations in Sending Emails

When you purchase a business email list of prospects, you tend to send a lot of emails per day. This can create problems for your business as sending too many mails at a time will hurt the credibility of your business as this will raise a red flag. Thus, make sure you send mails to the most relevant prospects.

Why Companies Still Buy an ERP Users List?

Quick Business Growth

When businesses buy email list from ERP vendors, they hope that this will help in better promotion of their brand, products and services. This will in turn help in improving sales and business. Buying an accurate ERP users list can be a fast way to increase sales and revenue in case of ERP software companies, as they get the list of targeted customers who will surely need their products or services. Buying email lists will help you to get a quick boost in sales and business.

Growing Email List Helps to Grow Business

Your email list is an important asset for your business. Thus, growing your ERP users listwill help you to grow your business. It is important to know the best ways to get accurate email lists, which can be done by well-known ERP users list providers only.

Know Your Target Market

Good quality ERP users list helps you to get access to target customers. Knowing your target market is important, as it allows you to properly segment your target customers based on their interest. This will improve personalization and customer engagement, that enables you to sell your products or services even better.

Stay Ahead from Competitors

Well-experienced list providers help you find your target audience. You can then study them and deliver what your prospects want before your competitors contact them. Wait for them to start trusting you instead of directly sending mails for sales. Permission based email marketing will help you generate better leads.

Use target email list that you purchase to attract your prospects by making them take part in interesting webinars etc. This will help you to gain their trust. Never force them to be a part of your email campaign. Using the purchased list in a wise manner will help in business growth.

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