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Date: 3rd August 2017
Migrate Your Business Data with Data Cleansing Services

Data migration is common in almost all companies. It can be defined as the transfer of data from one or more sources to any application to increase authenticity. There are several reasons why businesses migrate their data. Some of the main reasons include change in the overall business structure, creation of a single view for all records, latest technology utilization and business acquisitions. But, before the data is migrated to another place, you need to make sure that the data is properly cleansed to avoid duplication.

By using data cleansing process, you can make sure that your data is in the best condition and that all the duplicate data is consolidated as a single record. There are several data cleansing companies, who will help you to achieve this task in the best possible way. Leo Data Services is one of the best provider of data cleansing solutions.

How Data Cleansing Helps in Better Data Migration?

While implementing new data applications or upgrading the existing applications, data migration becomes important. Here we will discuss why along with data migration you need to utilized data cleansing process.

Ensure Accuracy

Before data migration, you need to perform data cleansing to make sure that the data is in the best possible condition. Then using proper procedure, you need to carefully plan out the new database, so that it will have minimum impact on the business and its operation. The cleansed data needs to be properly extracted and loaded to the new database. You need to make sure that the migrated data works well in the new environment and meet the project requirements.

Records Appending

Before the data is migrated, data cleansing process helps to review the data and define certain rules, that helps in its easy transfer into the new system. It will make sure that the transferred data is accurate. During data cleansing the duplicate records are either removed or merged as a single record. The changes in fields like addresses and phone numbers are updated and verified for validity. This helps to make sure that the data is enhanced before loading into the new system. After migration, one can again check for the quality of data.

Risk Management

Data migration is a risky procedure and most of the companies are reluctant to utilize them, due to possible data loss or errors in the data fields that might affect the overall business. Data cleansing helps to make sure that the records are transferred without hampering the quality. It also helps to transform the data to meet the system requirements of the new application.


The database that you were already using from a long time fails to follow the standards as there might be several data contributors who input data in different formats. Also, the changes in the business ownership after merging and acquisition may cause entry of unlike data into the system. Data quality services can ensure that the records are of the same format.

Prevent Data Wastage

In case of large volume of data, data validation becomes difficult. In such cases if you are planning to transfer these data that are scattered in different places to one database, there are chances that some of the fields may not be properly updated. Due to this the complete record gets wasted. Using data cleansing services, you can parse such fields that might cause problem. These records can be assigned to a team who will make sure they maintain standards.

Utilizing the database cleaning services, one can make sure that all the records get transferred to the new application without causing any changes in the critical client information.

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